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community responsibility. tholes are the doctor -- those are the doctor's orders, thanks for being with us (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4:00 a.m. start now. >> good morning it is wednesday november 21, 2012. some parts of the bay are waking up to rain falling overnight as we are one day away from thanksgiving. good morning i am james fletcher. >> and i am annie. this is the biggest travel day of the year. let us start with the weather and a busy travel day. erica is standing by with the weather. good morning erica.
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>> good morning to you both. storm tracker 4 is showing where the rain is currently sitting you see our live russell sweeps going throughsweeps going through. >> cannot be surprised if you run into some puzzling yellow on your screen indicates moderate rainfall north of benicia highway 4 approaching to 42 and heading to interstate 680. in walnut creek we are seeing wet weather on the freeway but for the surrounding streets also. sequoia avenue, pleasant hill road we are contending with wet weather there. as we turn to the mid peninsula we are catching a dry break for the eastern end of the san mateo bridge. it is running along the bay shore parts of the dumbarton
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bridge. >> south boulder creek scotts valley contending with what weather. allow yourself at a time of the roadways. especially for your things giving travel. here is the wider view of satellite and radar. the shshowers continue to push their way south. as we turn our attention to future cast for the rain model shows 6:00 a.m. you can see light rain in the south bay it looks like we are catching a break north of hayward and san bruno. 8:00 a.m. spotty showers exist we will see dryer clear conditions into the afternoon. temperatures are in the '50s 57 concord. 59 in oakland. afternoon highs a mixing of 60s. 61
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for daly city. 65 in vallejo. pleasanton at 67 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry weather for thanksgiving for friday and beyond. we will continue to monitor the forecast quickly in the traffic center. >> not monitoring any hot spots or delays. again it is wet so drive with extra caution. the bay bridge looks good. the san mateo bridge the drive to zero minutes from into in. south bound 101 not raining but there is puddling on the debt. be aware of that for your ride coming of the north bay. >> thank you erica. >> let us take a look at our headlines for this morning. the rain is not making things easier for travelers is how they weekend. poor visibility caused delays and long lines yesterday. some delays or as long as to
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oust. aaa says more than 1 million people are expected to travel through the airport this week. a new survey says people in san francisco or more likely to travel compared to most people this holiday season. flight delays or about 45 minutes or more. >> cars will be added to amtracs and walking pacific surf liner and capitol corridor trains for the thanksgiving holiday capacity. bart is changing the schedule for the busy holiday weekend. today from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. $3 blue tickets will be available to those standing in line waiting to board the airport shuttle to the oakland airport. sunday trains will be running of the pittsburgh bay point line to help get passengers to and from as f zero. tomorrow on a thanksgiving bart will run a sunday schedule. friday bart will warm full length trend starting at 6:00 a.m..
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>> oakland authorities have recovered the body of a man who fell into a quarry pond last night. authorities along with a dive team found the body earlier yesterday morning. they are describing a body of water surrounded by steep cliffs to concede the video of the surge in progress. the victim fell in the quarry behind the rock ridge shopping center last night. the victim was reported missing earlier in the day after a friend said the victim had gone looking for his cat with a quarry. authorities said the victim likely slipped and fell into the water. his identity is not yet released. >> port of oakland workers are back to work this morning after a long day of striking. employes have been upset about proposed salary and benefit cuts. the strike disrupted maritime operations. but did not distract travel at the international airport. the strike started on monday night about 9:00 p.m. about the airport and move to the
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port yesterday. mayor jean quan brought the two sides together for additional talks. >> set for cisco lawmakers have been narrowly approved to then that-it prohibits nudity in most public places scott weiner introduced a proposal and response to complaints about a group of men who were going neck every day in the city's castro district. many said they are upset at the outcome of the " claiming it is their right to bear it all. >> a first offense carries a maximum penalty of a $100 fine. at third misdemeanor could be punishable of to a third woman to dollar fine and a year in jail. >> san francisco has the green light to become the
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spot for some of the country's smallest apartment. the board of supervisors have approved a change to the building code it reduces the minimum living space to just 150 square feet with a kitchen and bathroom and a clause or account for the unit will be about 220 ft. square space. it will be a tight squeeze. >> will take a quick break on the kron 4 morning news. we will be back. here is a live look at jackson international airport where we are watching travel on this very busy wednesday. people are heading out to get to their locations in time for thanksgiving. tomorrow is expected to be busy at the airport and on the roads. we will be right back.
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we are back at4:09. watching
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wall street futures trading have been off a bit the estimate is that right now nasdaq futures down about 2.75. the dow is off about four. . stocks broke even to finish the day yesterday here is a look at the numbers the dow losing seven. . nasdaq and s and p off a fraction of a point. yesterday's the fed said they did not have the tools to offset the impact of the so-called fiscal cliff. if there is no deal by january 1st there will be tax hikes and spending cuts will rest on those in congress to get the job done. >> the defense department immigration and customs enforcement and transportation should. ministration have all decided to go with i phones. they are switching because black berries have been failing to much during important times. one-third of u.s. consumers are
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thinking about buying electronic tablets this out of a season. according to a new poll a 22 percent of those who want one of the devices said it plans to cut back on their holiday purchases in order to afford that. apple remains the leader with 25 some people surveyed san there tablets of choice. 16 say they will buy amazons kindle fire. another 1571 a samsung galaxy device. on the 8% named the new ipad mini as the first choice. >> the celebrity that is constantly twisting and updating facebook cannot be who you think is they may be getting help from a new startup. companies like the audience help busy celebrities boost their fan base on social media. the audience is led by disney executive oliver luckett and sean parker. according to
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the new york times the list climes include names like mark wallboard, charley theron a. murphy and jack black. >> tickets weewill be available starting friday for giants games. the tickets can be purchased online as s >> the time is for:12. the day before that is getting on with it. first a live look outside from the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza we do have wet roads. we see some moderate
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to heavy rain falling around the bay. we will be back with a forecast of more news headlines. 0ñ@ñ
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welcome back the time this 4:14. here is video of the rain and unsettled weather. the raining have ranged for about 2 4 in. across the bay area. it is the busiest travel day of the air as we are leading to thanksgiving erica will look after forecast should let us know what the conditions will be like after heading uptown. >> good morning erica. >> good morning to you anni e. >> storm tracker for all lit
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up this morning you conceive a live sweet corn by.d >> to take a look at the east bay it is raining to 42 per concord over walnut creek heading down the east shore freeway picking up light rain broke when you can see mandela parkway east 12th street also ride around broadway. allow yourself a bit of extra time. we have saw highway flooding. but is not producing any slowdowns on our traffic map still drive with. as a ticket to san francisco green on screen indicates light rain. it is light in nature. it is raining everywhere stretching from the coastline the richmond district in the sunset. gary boulevard market street as
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well. as we take our maps to the east bay livermore interstate 5805 with extra costs and a coming of the altamonte pass. we are seeing a dry break in portions of the south bay but the wet weather is sure to come. not raining now in san jose a we are seeing wet conditions from palo alto stretching into mountain view. keep an umbrella handy to route the morning. futurecast shows by 6:00 a.m. it will be a south bay of them. still light rain there. a dry break for the north bay and parts of san francisco as well. as we head into a a.m. cloud cover maybe some spotty showers we will see gradual clearing into the afternoon. in terms of temperatures not bad of a start relatively mild 58 in napa. 59 in redwood city. our afternoon highs will bring us plenty of 60s. 654 napa. 66 in livermore. downtown's
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severance fiscal at 63. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows it should be drive just in time for turkey day. mostly sunny conditions. black friday will be a dry one for everyone waiting in line. mild and fair weather returns to the bay area as we transition into the weekend. i will have more on the forecast in just a bit. i want to take it to the traffic center. >> not monitoring the hot spots. drive with extra caution. allow yourself extra time. wet roadways for all of our camera shots. it is a wet community approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. it will slow down your ride a bit. the metering lights are off no delays of the incline and across the upper deck. here at the san mateo bridge visibility pretty poor. we have some condensation on the camera lens. south bound 101 the golden gate
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bridge trip the ride 22 minutes out of novato into the city. green coming down the east shore freeways on our traffic map as well as westbound 24. >> thank you erica. 10 people are displaced from their homes this morning after a one along fire at an antioch apartment complex just there will it was located at 3900 delta fare boulevard. it was reported about 7:33 p.m.. the blaze was under control in about 15 minutes. the fire did cost about $500,000 in damage. no injuries were reported the fire was accidental. >> computers stolen from san francisco elementary school. the break-in at george washington carver elementary school was at about one in the morning. never before it youths to see if they saw anything more heard anything. >> we are struggling with
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issues that is pretty sad how could they do that. >> they have taken away the education from the children they really need these computers. >> police estimate more than $40,000 and equipment was stolen. school officials said they will try to figure out to replace that after the thanksgiving break. >> a jury hands down the death penalty to a man convicted of killing two people at a san raphael richmond toll plaza. jurors deliberated for two days to determine that 49 year old nathan burris should be put to bed. >> is the video the same birds a tense two shooting and killing a toll collector of their ross and her friend ersie everett the third, at
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the bridge toll plaza in 2009. prosecutors say birds thought ross and everett, a bus driver with goading a transit were romantically involved. burris had previously been in a relationship with ross. birds represent himself during the trial and told jurors that the slaves were justified. >> that cellphone had an application on it that would allow officers to track it to the location were ultimately we are arrested three individuals. >> the suspect or to juveniles and one adult. >> a person was struck and killed in east oakland as today by an amtrak train. investigators say the accident happened last night shortly before 7 live the
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intersection of 105th aid '80s ave. none of the under 60 passengers were injured. >> police say that alan debalina was shot and killed by palms springs police back on november 13th. he hit an officer with the car and refuse to stop. his family lives in fremont they do not believe the police restored. they said the veteran who does return from afghanistan is being tried as a criminal. the father says he is pursuing legal action against palm springs police bomb. >> he was murdered. and on arm rate being murdered by to trigger happy policeman. we want justice for that. they need to face the murder that was committed. >> candles were lit and people can side the mortuary and walk plpast
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his flag draped casket. >> we will take a break it is 4:22. will give you a look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of rain falling overnight. heavy at times. will find out how much longer the rain will last.
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a large fire near a nasa assembly facility in new orleans kept crews busy. the production crew was setting up a sound stage when the fire started just before 9:00 a.m.. it is not clear how the fire started several units with the new orleans fire department responded to the fire bring the blaze under control no one was injured and no major damage port. >> it is in 17 years as a california jury acquitted o.j. simpson and the
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stabbing death of his wife and friends. a new documentary climb to the jury was right to do so because simpson may not have done it. the movie which debuts of investigation discovery channel today claims that a death row inmate has confessed to the killings. the film titled my brother is the serial killer takes a look at glenn rogers, was convicted of killing women in florida and california and is a homicide suspect in several other states. a criminal profile in the film says he received paintings by roger atwood cools possibly linking him to the murders of simpson and her friend ronald goldman. >> the effort to keep twinkies alive have fallen short. hostess' sells it failed to reach a deal with the second biggest union. an attempt to mediate fell apart. any problem in tulsa will liquidate and sell all of its assets. hostas are positives will be in bankruptcy court tomorrow.
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and the judge will decide if it will allow to shut down. police in colorado's a 12 year-old girl grasp a pickup truck her father has been arrested for allowing her to drive the father had been drinking and has been arrested before for d.u.i. charges. never say no one was seriously hurt in the crash. >> you can let your kids drive to find open field toward of a parking lot when there's nothing around them. hopefully learn this lesson he could hurt his little girl. >> the father argues that he had not been drinking but he had misa admits he should not have that historic drive. >> it is a wet starts area a lod to the airport. here is a live look out of lhasa, the nation's busiest airport we're expecting a pretty heavy decks in atlanta--
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heavy day
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welcome back the time is 4 :29 on your wisdom morning. a look at the james lick freeway. wednesday morning. erica is standing by with a look at our forecast. >> good morning to you annie i would not be surprised if we see delays at s f o late this morning. will keep you posted. storm tracker 4 will show us where the wet weather is there is not as intense as what we experience overnight. as a resume in around the bay area is raining in the east bay down the east shore freeway. we are catching a
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bit of a dry break of the bay bridge toll plaza. again to not be surprised if you run into puddling. as a resume in around oakland man will parkway broadway busy streets of dealing with wet weather. you will need to the user when show wipers. we are catching a break. interstate 580 into downtown livermore is still raining over the altamonte pass. you will pick up wet weather at the 5 80/86 interchange. wet weather is starting to break up in san francisco. last check of the entire city was under rain. it is currently dry for most of gary boulevard, hayes street, over toward the market. parts of south san francisco and in to daly city contending with moisture. the rain is pushing its way south. remember it was dry in san
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jose not the case anymore light rain, actually it appears to be heavy rain over highway 237 down to the bayshore freeway it down to interstate 880 as well. there were plenty of accidents this morning. futurecast 4 takes a look at where the rain is headed. in the 6:00 hour this is mainly a south bay event. we could see some drying north of the golden gate bridge as they put the clock into motion atm may be spotty showers on the b back in. sunshine as we head into the afternoon. afternoon highs 60s everywhere. 654 mountain view. 67 in los gatos. pittsburgh at 65. 64 in hayward. cloudy conditions but breaks of sunshine downtown to a francisco at 63. 62 for novato. richmond
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coming in at 61. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights a dry weather just in time for thanksgiving. in fact we anticipate sunny skies temperatures in the mid '60s. it will be a dry one for those waiting in line on black friday. mild weather will continue into the weekend. that is your weather on to traffic. >> there were several accidents earlier this morning. right now we are quiet. we have minor flooding on some of the minor surface streets. out to the bridge is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good. it is moist out there. watch your speed. no metering lights. good conditions up the incline and across the upper deck. at the san mateo bridge raining. no accidents to report. as we take it to the golden gate bridge south bound 101 they are dealing with some light rain. a lot
4:34 am
of space between cars not a lot of folks on the span. the drive is 23 minutes from the bottle into san francisco. >> thank you erica the rain and not making travel any easier this holiday week erica hinted we may see delays at s f o because of low cloud cover it was exactly that that caused late yesterday in the airport some of the long delays for as long as two hours. aaa says more than a million people are expected to travel to the airport this week. and a new survey says people in san francisco are more likely to travel compared to most americans this holiday season. at last check only a few flights had delays for about 2045 minutes or more. --45 minutes. if you would like
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to take the trains hopefully there will be a seat for you. bart is changing up its schedule in proportion of the holiday weekend. today from 9 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the dow blue tickets will be available to those standing in line waiting to board the air board shuttle to the oakland airport. today and sunday longer trains will be running on the pittsburgh bay point line to help get passengers to and from s f o. tomorrow on thanksgiving day bart will run on sunday schedule with service beginning at 8:00 a.m.. and on friday bart will run full length trains starting at 6:00 p.m.. >> the rain is not stopping hundreds of nurses from walking the picket line. nurses at 10 bay area hospitals walked off the job run 7:00 a.m. on tuesday. the hospitals have hired replacements on fide contracts to take the place of the striking nurses. because of the contracts, hospital officials say the striking nurses will not be
4:36 am
allowed to return to work until sunday. >> the strike is the seventh by cn a's since september of last year 2011 pea. it comes as union leaders and hospital officials remained at odds over health benefits, sick leave and other issues. >> of underground has formed a group working on refinery said that the questions emerge following a fire at chevron's richmond refinery. and investigation into the fire found that inspectors did not spend enough time at california's 15 refineries. and when they did find problems fines were levied but never collected. the task force that brown created is charged with improving cooperation among agencies to help prevent disasters. >> the president's trip to south east asia highlighted future focus on asia in his second term as he met with
4:37 am
key figures. the trip was overshadowed by the escalation of violence in israel and gaza. new information coming in regarding the violence in israel and gaza. avon has exploded on a bus in tel aviv. as it passed army headquarters. there are reports of multiple injuries. there that-and all the talk of a truce between the two countries have failed to come true. the death toll now stands at more than one-third killed in gaza. five killed in israel. and spencer has more on the diplomatic pressure to end the fighting. >> instead of a cease-fire deal israel launched a new round of mitchell's interrupting reporters covering the conflict. there were reports of progress of a truce but as the day ended there was still no compromise. >> if there is a possibility of receiving a long-term solution to this problem for
4:38 am
diplomatic means would prefer that. but if not i am sure you understand that israel will have to take whatever action is necessary to defend its people. >> let me say we are open for all diplomacy in order for in into this crisis. we are also said to do we are supposed to do in order to protect our people and the future of our country. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is in the region for what she calls it the escalation of the f fighting she met with prime minister benjamin ya ho--improve conditions for the people of gaza and move toward a comprehensive peace for all people of the region. >> i in interest and to
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reporting. >> the time expense 4:38.
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welcome back the time is 4: 40. the nynex and says and in this insightful the worldwide aids epidemic. the you in aids program says some 34 million people were living with hiv last year but deaths from aids fell to 1.7 million down from a peak of nearly two and a half million in 2005. worldwide, the number of newly infected hiv patients, also fell by 20 percent and the last decade. smoking may not be allowed on airplanes but passengers still have a good chance of reading and secondhand smoke. the centers for disease control and prevention released a
4:42 am
new report. it reveals dead air quality around even designated smoking areas at the airport is five times worse than at smoke-free airports. the airports that allow smoking is special-as in special areas are a lance hartsfield jackson, washington dulles international, loss vegas mccarron international. denver international and salt lake city international. >> a. i reported medical group is our control should be sold over the counter the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists a of contraceptive pills were available without prescription if there will be fewer unwanted pregnancies of the push for over the counter by control pills is nothing new the group says what different now is more evidence that shows the pill is safe and effective. the fda meantime
4:43 am
says it is willing to meet with any pharmaceutical company interested in selling a concept as of the corner. >> and the studies suggest that you extra pounds maybe carrying potentially protect against oppression. research--researchers in canada found a gene that predisposes a person stop the city in associated with a lower risk for depression. they say this protective effect showed up in force that is the people of various ethnicities a round the world. the take away is that the gene may have a bigger role in its affect on depression than previously thought. >> will take a break and we'll be right back with ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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we are back at 4:44. >> it was a rainy day in the bay area last night into the evening rainfall totals have ranged from 2-4 in. across the north bay are in a volatile so far average from 2 to 4 in. across the north bay to around half inch to an inch across the rest of san francisco bay.
4:46 am
>> i am going to zoom in and around the bay area we did mention we got a lot of rain in the north bay between two and 4 in.. it is persistent the front has moved by you can see it centered over the heart of the bay area it was a slow mover. you can see out in walnut creek concord. highway 24 heading into the san ramon valley we have wet world ways to travel next caution. surface return wet as well. a round oakland park boulevard you could see broadway under some light rain. as we take it to the peninsula we're catching a dry break in parts of san francisco, south city into daly city we are picking up a bit of rain you will need to use your wench a wipers. drive with extra costs and leave early. storm tracker 4 issue in the rain over the peninsula. you can see coming off the dumbarton
4:47 am
heading into east palo alto and to redwood city. university avenue, marsh road all contending with wet weather. in the south bay yellow on your screen flight over interstate 280 indicating moderate to heavy rain. this system is quick to be with us with the next couple of hours. to the afternoon. with that we will see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in a to yesterday's. right now is a mild start. 60 degrees in mountain view. upper 50s in hayward. tomorrow banks giving day, mostly sunny skies of around the bay area. temperatures around the mild side. fairweather around the bay area high pressure will build over the west and no rain for the foreseeable future. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows just that mild conditions plenty of sunshine not only into the weekend but as we start the
4:48 am
next four weeks. i will have more on your weather coming up in a bit. >> again it is raining. picking up any accidents south bound 880 around 980 a vehicle blocking two of the lanes. like traffic not too many cars. a lot of people have the day off. be aware of that drive with extra caution. maybe hydroplaning in that area. >> also a new crash eastbound 580 of around south tabasco rolled a jackknifed big rick. it is blocking the lanes. it is slowly opening. that is the counter flow direction. as we take it to our traffic camera and live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza shows a lot of moisture for your ride out oakland into the city. san mateo bridge looks good.
4:49 am
highway 92 the drive 12 minutes from and to hand. southdown 101 the golden gate bridge good to go. make sure your headlights are on an your winter wipers. >> thank you erica the big lift was accomplished yesterday by construction crews on the new bay bridge east span the task required crew to shift the 35,000 t weight of the new single tower suspension span from temporary trestles to a single mile long cable. the span of the bay bridge is now the largest of anchorage suspension bridge in the world it is scheduled to open on labor day of next year. >> the san francisco board of supervisors have approved an ordinance approved to in give the city a more accurate picture of where bedbugs work. exterminators would not be required to report to the department of public health about the number of units that tree for bedbugs each month. the new ordinance also requires more transparency from landlords. the level of the property
4:50 am
manager will have to disclose to protecprospective tenants with the unit has been infested in the previous two years. tourist hotels and motels are not required to disclose their bedbug history to guess. >> at least a third of the palo alto city council is in favor of testing at a program that would allow people who use their cards for sale to to continue doing so. they voted last night to recommend that the full city council authorize a three month pilot big a blow in program. up to three people be allowed to sleep overnight in a vehicle in the parking lot of a religious institution, a place of worship or business with the written permission of the owner. palo alto is the only city in santa clara county that has an outlaw the practice of vehicle habitation. >> dirdirector sandy barber
4:51 am
--he won a school record 82 games and a shared conference title but ended his tenure with a mediocre run. the bears lost their final five games this season. for their worst mark. he is still owed $6.9 million of the final three years of his contract. >> i went into the meeting with the decision. certainly you to evaluate over the course of the season was a difficult one for us. i believe it was the right thing to do to wait for the conclusion of the students. what continue to analyze that steps season--as i said
4:52 am
before i had the obligation to do what is right for cal. >> i want to thank the gthe university of california for this opportunity. >> just-in-time of the holiday david lee is giving back to the community serving food to 2000 homeless and low-income families he was just happy to be a part event.of its. >> it is something good to pass along. one of the great joys is playing in the nba when we live in a community i'm from san louis a long way from here. but i want to make a positive
4:53 am
contribution to the bay area. something i am happy to do any work out great. >> he was not just serving food he pay for it as well he donated $25,000 to the cause. the time now is 4:52 on your wednesday morning. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. we saw some areas of showers. it could be heavy at times. coming up later this morning dr. phil at 10:00 a.m. after our morning show. we will be right back.
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4:55 am
we are back is 4:55. the voice of sesame street's elmo has resigned. ann kelsey grammar. >> kevin clash the long time puppeteer in voice behind elmo has resigned. it also
4:56 am
has been out against him say he had eight special relationship with a under age man. the news comes just a week after a another accuser recanted klans o claimsf under age relationship. he said he can no longer be effective in his job and has resigned from says mystery. this is a sad day of this as a street. actor committee mike epps was in a fight that broke out at a club when someone fired a gun he left the scene immediately after the gun was fired. no one was injured and no arrest had been made. >> kelsey grammar show has been cancelled. the show was dropped after two seasons. he won a golden globe for his role in chicago as the
4:57 am
mayor. >> here is a quick look at your 7 day around they forecast a lot of us are joining the holiday. it looks like the rain we are seeing probably would diminished by the end of today. my what will stay with us into the weekend. still let oakland firefighters along with a dive team play man from a quarry early this morning. it is the busiest day for travelers nationwide will tell you how bay area transportation agencies are making the trip easier. and ice-cream shop is coping of a thanksgiving meal. we will take a look at the unique flavor coming up. >>
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. good morning top stories we're following on this wednesday november 21st a busy morning for holiday travel as at all a live report coming up. >> abuzz explosion is leaving at least 10 people injured as a bias to in israel and cause a continuous. >> to get you more news faster return to seoul reported jackie sissel joins us live from oakland jackie. >> it is pretty wet is in a consistent rain for the last 45 minutes or so. you could see the spray coming from 880 traffic traveling northbound on 880. into the water glistening this is one of the busiest travel days
5:01 am
for the traffic goes. not a lot of commute traffic but people traveling to and from the thanksgiving holidays. hopefully it will dry out before then. now the rain is coming down as hard as we have seen it this early all year. >> i think a lot of the rain will the minister about the morning hours by this afternoon is to be a lot better. >> as we continue our team coverage of the weather before the size giving holiday the rain falling now. in the north bay taking a bit of a break. >> that is my chance remember they receive two to 4 in. of rain last night and into the morning. we do that roadway flooding. robyn will be applied to talk about that. storm tracker 4 shows we have light rain along the peninsula the southern half into the south bay as belwas are is a spot. from highway
5:02 am
4 down into booklet we are contending with light rain. is relatively light in nature. expect wet weather from one of creek heading into the san ramon valley. oakland 980 around the freeway 580 as well. for those of you driving along broadway here in san francisco we're catching a break. the downtown areas of light rain now in south city. as we take to the south bay it is raining of the dumbarton bridge east palo alto and in parts of highway 101 and interstate 280 as well. fear is a wider view of allied men are a slow-moving system pushing its way south going to ride in my race shortly. monterrey. >> the rain causing trouble on the wet road we have a hot spot in the livermore
5:03 am
area. this eastbound 580 near green bill. as you work your way out of livermore and to the altamonte pass a jackknifed big rig. a special traffic alert has been issued is been blocking for 30 minutes. traffic quickly backing up behind the scene. it is raining tried carefully. if this is your commute direction give yourself extra time. do not to get your head like an wipers. the opposite direction westbound 580 normal slow and go traffic frowill be crowded in both directions. >> to david travel day for holiday travelers far and wide. >> this is the american airlines counter you concede there of to a fast start i
5:04 am
can tell you there are no delays so far the reason is wise because even though the rain is coming down but this is recently one of the first few flights coming out so the crew is already the groundst is not a problem before taking off without a hitch. >> it could change in about an hour or an hour in a half. the reason why is because of the rainfall and the low visibility or the tough visibility that the overriding flights could not make it on time. the turn around time to push back the flights. is see the board here everything says on time according to the duty manager if the planes do not arrive from chicago on time that will mean everything will be a ripple effect it will start to domino where everything will get pushed back. you could see heading off to dallas on time, new york, philadelphia. you give
5:05 am
you the latest on the situation here and is always because there's so many people flying in and out 120,000 people just for today through this airport. if you have to get here at least 90 minutes ahead possibly two hours especially, since getting here will be difficult it may be hard to tell through the window. it is raining now traffic on the freeways could push back a bit. >> we will keep an eye can see if the weather starts to impact flights or delays at s f o thank you will. >> thank you james. bart is changing its schedule in preparation for the busy holiday weekend today from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. $3 blue tickets will be available for those standing in line waiting for the arab part shuttle today and sunday longer trains will run on the pittsburgh bay point line to help passengers get to and fro as f o on thanksgiving day bart
5:06 am
will run on a sunday schedule beginning at 8 in the morning. >> on friday bart will run full link trade starting at 6:00 a.m.. mean what amtrak will use additional cars. cars will be adding to the amtrak san walking, a specand pacific surf line. >> we are following rescue services of an explosion. across from the military headquarters in tel aviv it is will leave that hamas is responsible. at least 10 people were injured. this bareilly operation against got some moss rulers tried to stop palestinian fired into israel. president clinton--secretary of state clinton has arrived in cairo. clinton will meet with agents president to piece together a deal to
5:07 am
end the week-long violence. the violence has killed 130 palestinians. rockets fired into israel has killed five >> of a mature is ever covered body of a man who fell into a quarry pond last night. authorities found the body of earlier this morning in what they are describing as a body of water is run by steep cliffs. the victim's reportedly fell into the corner behind the rock ridge shopping center last night. the victim's name has not been yet released. >> and live look at the golden gate bridge were looking at temperatures at the golden gate bridge. the tipster is getting into the 60s for this afternoon. the range of start to clear out by this morning. the temperatures are getting into the '60s for this
5:08 am
afternoon. more ahead on our kron 4 morning news. @ñ
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
watching wall street a very quiet trading week. the futures were off for now they are down just two. . greece is a positive 56 billion euros from the european union the prime minister is warning not just greases future hangs in the balance this program the uncertainty for the future of greece as they to be facing a massive default that would threaten the entire your currency which is used by 70 nations eric. a tough economy making impact on the pants giving holiday. family finances many
5:12 am
americans as a sacrifice summer vacations and rely on relatives for air fare. airlines struggling to save on jeff fuel and other expenses. they have cut the number of flights--jet fuel. aaa says even though higher prices to travel by air and i rode the number of travelers is up the share just a bit of last year. >> james thank you mark one- third of u.s. consumers are thinking about buying eight electronic tablet is how this season according to a poll. 22 percent of those one of the had devices said it plans to cut back on other purchases this holiday in a little for it. apple remains a leader with 25 percent of polltakers begin the tablets. 15 percent said they will buy amazons kindle fire. and another 50 percent they want a sense of delegat samsung galaxy device. y
5:13 am
a% named the new ipad mini as their first choice. the same percentage that would like to buy a michaels of surface tablets. >>
5:14 am
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we are back is 5:15. we're looking at storm tracker 4. we have the golden gate bridge up top the bay bridge below. is what and where the morning erica. are dealing with a lot of cloud cover areas of locally gusty winds and rain as you head out the door. a lot of people have to go to work today we are tracking the storm for you. the main front is just pushing through now. we are getting a dry break north of the golden gate bridge. as a resume in around the bay area is raining for the east
5:17 am
shore freeway. a break around emeryville. it is what across span. still raining in concord, walnut creek through the san ramon valley. as a resume into oakland you can see the wet weather impacting broadway park boulevard as well. the nimitz freeway under the rain as well. do not be surprised if you run into puddling. spotty showers for the peninsula. redwood city, san mateo and highway 92. the wet weather is a little heavier into the south bay. highway to 37 milpitas stretching out to san as a. keep an umbrella handy throughout the rest of the morning. the showers will taper off. satellite and radar shows the system continue to push his way south. eventually reaching the monterey area. be aware of that if you're heading in that direction for holiday travel plans. futurecast 4
5:18 am
put into motion 6:00 a.m. most iran and the south bay. the southern peninsula mostly cloudy conditions and the potential for a pop of shower for the rest of the morning. into the afternoon it will start to drive up to not be surprised if you see pockets of sunshine in terms of your temperatures now everyone in the '50s. 594 vallejo 57 in oakland. into the afternoon low 60s along the coastline. mid-60s and the heart of the bay. pleasanton at 67. 66 in livermore. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows high-pressure is going to build across the west with mostly sunny skies temperatures of a bit warmer. will stick with fair weather dry weather not only into the weekend but as to start the next four weeks. 5:18 on the clock that was your forecast of to traffic robyn perry >> will start off with the biggest problem in the livermore area into the
5:19 am
altamonte pass. this is eastbound 580 in green bill is a hot spot there is an accident involving a jack knight big rick is blocking the three left lanes of traffic. it isn't the counter commute direction so far the delay is not too bad. it is slow with the three left lanes blocked. in the opposite direction westbound 580 normally has slow traffic during this time of morning give yourself a lot of extra time between livermore and the altamonte. no word when they hope to have the accident out of the way pier in a new hot spot on the peninsula as you work your way through san mateo it is an overturned accident the two left lanes blocked that will slow you down from 92 as you head towards a beret. it is also writinraining barrett like traffic into san francisco and of delays hit
5:20 am
the bay bridge toll plaza as yet across the golden gate bridge. a good-looking commute 4101 in both directions. the ride across the san mateo bridge just fine as to travel across the east bay and peninsula. >> the time is 5:19 a man convicted of two people at the richmond san raphael toll plaza. jurors deliberated for two days and determined that 49 year-old nathan version be put to death. this the video of the same burr is admitted to shooting and killing a toll collector there were ross and her friend ersie everett, that the bridge toll plaza in 2009 prosecutors say burst out ross and everett and bus driver with golden gate transit were romantically involved. birds represented his self and trotted told jurors that the slayings were justified. >> a person was struck and
5:21 am
killed in east oakland yesterday by an amtrak train. investigators said the accident happened shortly before 7 near the center section of 100 in fifth and '80s ave--east avenue edes ave. >> a break-in at george washington carver elementary school occurred at 1:00 a.m. in the morning neighbors are being interviewed to see if they saw or heard anything. >> we are ready strolling with other issues is set to take from the kids. >> is said how could they do that specifies kids. >> they have taken away the education from the children they really need these computers. >> police estimate more than $40,000 in equipment was stolen. school officials
5:22 am
said it would try to figure out how to replace it with and sometime after thanksgiving. >> oakland police have arrested three suspects in connection with a string of cellphone robberies this is an ongoing problem for most of the year. the latest happen when a woman walking on the 4400 block of western st. a lot of cellphone by three suspects. police say within minutes the robyn strike again this these did not know the cellphone would give them away the suspect were to juveniles of one adult. >> still had on the kron 4 morning news the latest developments efforts to save the 20 not going so well. we will update you. taking a live look at the san mateo bridge when you have wet weather on the deck and every other bay area worldwide. will have erica with the forecast at the bottom of the hour.
5:23 am
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we are back is 5:25. the efforts to keep twenties a live has apparently fallen short. hostess says it failed to reach a deal with the second biggest union. an attempt to mediate fell apart. it probably means hostas will liquidate and sell off all its assets. hostess' representative will be in back to court today and a judge will decide what be allowed to shut down. >> sesame street blood elmo character will live on following the resignation of the main puppeteer because the sexual abuse allegations. sesame says of the public is a been trained to stand in for elmo. and toy co. hasbro's says there, elmo or remain in integral part of sesame street. >> 52 year-old kevin classes' accused of having a sexual relationship with the man when he was 15 years old. the man is now fighting
5:27 am
a lawsuit. earlier this month another man accused class of having inappropriate relationship but it later recanted his story. class is not addressing the new allegations but says he chose to leave for personal reasons. >> and large fire here at nassau up assembly facility in new orleans kept crews busy last night. a nasa official says the film production crew was setting up a sound stage in a building at the facility, when the fire started just before 9:00. it is not clear exactly how the fire started. several units with the north are department responded to the fire quickly bring it under control. >> nobody was injured and no major damage was reported. >> a new documentary claims the jury was right to acquit o.j. simpson because he may not have done it. the movie debuts on the discovery channel and inmate confessed to the killings the movie is
5:28 am
titled my brother is a serial killer. >> a criminal profiler in the film says he received paintings by rogers with close possibly linking him to the murders of simpson and her friend ronald goldman. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news what governor brown is doing and light of the chevron refinery repairs. >> coming up on your forecast the wet weather and your commute. >>
5:29 am
5:30 am
kron 4 jackie sissel. which stretch of roadway is this again encourage the traffic
5:31 am
has not picked up is one of those days where we may not see huge commute traffic we will see a lot of people heading out town. you can see from the spray is standing water on the roadway. i am here at the coliseum exit there is standing water all over the place. if you are driving into work if you are one of the unlucky people that had to work. drive slow. if you're headed to a relative's house slow down, take your time there is a lot of water on the roadway. if you are driving this morning be careful. >> very good jacket. let us did the latest on the timing of the system the morning erica. >> jackie hit the nail on the head we are seeing a lot of rain in the east bay and to our south. we are noticing a dry air pattern just a slight pop of shower north of the golden gate bridge. for part of the peninsula that includes san mateo and around the bay
5:32 am
area of you can see highway 24 could be a messy one approaching the tunnel light rain trickling down the easter freeway. is raining around the toll plaza where seeing drier conditions on the western in making your way into san francisco. as we take a look at interstate 580 we saw a couple of accidents this morning. currently raining over the altamonte pass. a dry break approaching downtown livermore. as we take it down to the south bay a dry break from the dumbarton bridge still raining of the lawrence expressway. highway to 37 as well. in our last report we saw moderate to heavy rain again the system is pushing its way south expected to reach monterrey shortly. here is a look at satellite radar the system the sagging south soldierly..
5:33 am
>> the rain is slowing everyone down this morning you should drive at reduced speed. leave early. make sure you give yourself plenty of time. when you get on the road give yourself space between the car in front of you. there is a new problem here in san francisco traffic alert south bound 280 at 101 there is a car fire. the emergency crews have arrived they have the two left lanes shutdown. that will slow you down as to emerge from 280 over 2101 in seven to scott barrett a trouble spot on the peninsula. the accident was originally reported as northbound turns out it is a south bound accident. south bound 101 is an overturned craft. the two left lines are shut down. that will slow down your commute. --
5:34 am
overturned crash. >> black friday is almost here in shoppers are continuing to line up to give you more news faster return to solo reporter mike pelton who joins us live outside from the best buy in the mall. people all have been here since monday this week. how many people are there now? >> they have been here for a while hiking out about six tenths that are set up at this time. not sure that as tentas.ts. outside this best buy a lot of tents and
5:35 am
chairs shut up. this mess by this not open to midnight friday. some opened earlier no look for this group. they have to wait until black friday 12th 0 a.m. friday morning2:01 am friday morning. >> they are hoping to get some big-ticket items that would justify the waiting for several days. best buy has made room for more tense to be set up. there is room available. i am sure annie have your ticket in your car in coming down seven the next few days. >> i am amazed at all the people lined up early. i am curious to see what deals could lure people out this early in the rain in their
5:36 am
tents. they do have some good deals. i am curious to see what's the people inside the tents are wanting. just in to kron for a one on fire reported at home four blocks east of third street. the fire was spotted about 5:00 a.m.. crews are on the scene to pull out the fire no word on any injuries at this time. >> san francisco law makers have narrowly approved an ordinance to ban public nakedness. the ordinance privets knew the most public places. supervisor scott wenner introduced the ordinance and a lot of complaints. and it processes said there ups said the outcome of the vote claiming
5:37 am
it is their right to bear it all. >> the time is 5:36 on this wednesday morning a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see the headlights and we do have wet roads. in fremont good morning is 59 degrees the high for this afternoon nearing mid-60s with the rain diminishing throughout the morning hours. will have more on your forecast and your today is giving forecast when we come back.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> the fda has approved its first usable flu using animals bursas eggs. this has been approved by the united states because it is faster than the a production -- egg
5:41 am
production. it is the approach for people 18 and older. >> you and aids program says 34 million people are living with hiv last year but deaths from aids it fell to 1.7 million from a peak in 2005. >> i highly respected medical group things birth control should be sold over the counter. if contraceptive pills were available without a prescription there would be fewer unwanted pregnancies. the push is nothing new but it is different this time around because there's more evidence that shows that the pill is safe and effective. the fda says it is willing to me with any pharmaceutical company interested in selling
5:42 am
contraceptives over the counter. >> this just in the number of americans seeking unemployment fell sharply last week. the figure is still elevated for the second straight week because of people filing for unemployment because of super storm sandy. applications are down 41,000 from the week before. the week before that it was highest level in 18 months because of the super storm. 356,000 americans on average filing for unemployment. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious?
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> an explosion on a bus across from military headquarters in tel aviv happened this morning. 10 people had been injured in this blast. it is an ongoing
5:46 am
effort operations against how moss rulers. hillary clinton arrives just hours before the blast. is a busy holiday for holiday travelers. flights are looking to be on time and we will keep you updated throughout the morning. there is low cup cloud cover and rain out there which brings us to our next story. the weather. this is a live look along interstate 880 by the coliseum. we're looking for conditions as they went a little bit longer. >> the north bay got to the 5 in. of rain. on the left to right is the san mateo bridge. there is some pretty good widespread rain. it was coming down earlier as i was coming across the bridge.
5:47 am
erica has the full forecast. good morning erica. >> good morning a. we are catching a dry break north of golden gate bridge. no issues for highway 1 01 from the santa rosa down to the golden gate bridge. in san francisco is not really raining but don't be surprised if you see a pop- up shower. all the rain is centered in the east bay. the line from the cold front is still pretty apparent. 240 to highway 24 approach and the caldecott tunnel you are under light rain so user windchill wipers. we have been saying a lot of accidents for an interstate highway for livermore. downtown livermore's clear just and cloudy conditions there. you will need user wants a wiper is approaching the 586 interchange. portions of san jose especially the downtown area right around san jose mineta the system is sagging
5:48 am
its way south moving closer to monterey. if you are not seeing rain clouds are you are probably contending with some fog. drive with extra caution, out wet wet roadways all along the coast. 2 mi. of visibility, three in santa rosa. afternoon highs look like we did see some partial clearing. a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in the south bay. los gatos as 67 degrees in the east bay the rain will taper off into the afternoon. fairfield 66 and walnut creek is at 64. downtown sampras's go sitting in a low 60s there. oakland is coming in as 65 degrees. 7 day around the bay shows high pressure building across the west.
5:49 am
perfect conditions and sunny skies just in time for turkey day. a lot of folks will be waiting in line outdoors on friday and that looks to be a dry one. saturday and sunday on the mild side and we will continue with fair and dry weather as we start the next workweek. >> the rain is coming down and cars are spinning out. chp is heading out to several accidents out there. before you head out make sure to be careful and reduce your speed. we do have some flooding on some area freeways. give yourself plenty of space beat in the cars and between him. livermore east on 580 towards the altamont pass is in the counter commute direction but the crash has been working for almost an hour now. it's a jackknifed big rig with the three left lanes blocked. we normally have so traffic during this type of morning but with this accident on the
5:50 am
opposite side is really attracting a lot of detection and you are backed up well be on to 05. south won a one at third there is an overturned accident one of many overturned crashes this morning. the to the flames are still closed and there's a problem of flooding and the same location. drive carefully and give yourself extra time when heading to the airport. of the local fire in san francisco still wrapping up south 281 01 with travelers still in place. the two left lanes are closed and the fire is out and out of under control but it is still backed up. the bay bridge toll plaza as a smooth ride across the upper deck a smooth ride across 92 there are more cars on the road but it is a trouble-free commute on the nimitz. 1 01 is still at the limit in both directions across the golden gate as you work your way into and out of san francisco. >> jeff ted furred the
5:51 am
winningest football coach and berkeley was fired. he won 82 and 53 over his 11 seasons. since midway through 2007 he has a losing record of 34 and 37. 3 and 9 this season, his worst season with cal. is a two- time coach of the year and to the players to eight bowl games. is also a $320 million renovation to the stadium. he still is owed over $7 million over the course of his contract. we thought this was gonna happen because he's listed his sprawling black cop mansion on the market for over $5 million. as sampras as the giants are looking to add some horns to black friday. tickets will
5:52 am
be available starting at 10 in the morning this friday for giants games in april, may, and june exception opening day. tickets can be purchased online are at the dugout store. they start as low as $8 and will be on sale through midnight december 24th. that's a pretty good christmas present. >> muni will be doubling their service starting on saturday. there is a partnership between the national park service and muni. the 76 x route weekend service headlands express. is a pilot project over the next few years. muni will get travel time, reliability and the demand for expanded service on the weekend. the bid list was accomplished yesterday by construction crews on the
5:53 am
new bay bridge east span. the task force said that they'd shifted the 35,000 t weight of the new single tower suspension span to a single mile long cable. the span of the bay bridge is now the largest self anchored suspension bridge and the world. it is expected to open on labor day next year. >> coming up on kron4 news we have wet weather and storm tracker showing us rain for the east bay and the south bay. more on your forecast coming up in just a little bit. kron4 knows will continue in a moment.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
amoy is 5:56 a.m. wednesday morning. an ice cream shop in phoenix is scooping up a thanksgiving meal with the fixings. we're talking out the scud attack killer ice
5:57 am
cream shop. the flavors ice cream is turkey corn cranberry and sweet potato ice cream this week. all the trades are made by hand and the shop has been in business for about three years. it is known for its unique offering. i'm surprised they don't have pumpkin pie, i would take that. >> how do they make turkey flavor? maybe broth? i don't know if i would try that the other stuff sounds fantastic. we're going to take a quick break and lots more coming up on the kron4 nose. we will havthe efforts toe twinkies continues although it does not look like it's been too successful. wet weather across the bay area this morning, how long will it last? what stretch and today is giving day? we'll
5:58 am
have the answer when the kron4 news continues.
5:59 am

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